Cover Letter




October, 2020


Dear Hiring Manager


I am enthusiastically interested in applying for the Graphic Designer position. I thoroughly believe that I can be a strong addition to your already talented team. I am excited to have a chance to bring my own personal style and unique outlook into your company’s vision.

Some of my previous experience as a graphic designer goes as far back as 1995 at the age of 
eleven I created the logo and assisted in the branding of my family tour company. That brand still exists today and has been experienced by people from all over the world. I continue to do design work for that company as well as several others that have branched out as a result. This was just the beginning.


As a former tattoo artist one of my most important jobs was consultations with clients to really get a feel for what it is they wanted. This, I believe, has given me a great insight into how to deal with the demands of clients and help them to understand the limitations of either the product or their own imaginations. Not only do I think that this will help me to remain grounded while working on existing projects, but will also allow me to take things further than previously thought.


In addition to these design and customer service skills I am set to graduate from the Centre for Distance Education Graphic Design program in October of this year with a diploma. I am on course to graduate with an average grade in the high ninetieth percentile.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to learning more details about a 
Graphic Designer position. I am eager to meet with you and discuss how we can work together to use my skills to bring in a fresh set of eyes and ultimately increase your product sales.




Jesse Ratson